Canellas and Haga Attend Robot Law Conference, We Robot 2016

APR 2, 2016: Regulating and designing autonomous vehicles. Big data for policing. Privacy in healthcare. Free speech for robots. These topics and more took center-stage at the robot law conference, We Robot 2016, last Friday and Saturday at the University of Miami School of Law. Over 100 lawyers, engineers, academics and policy experts from around the world were present, including two of our own CEC members, Rachel Haga and Marc Canellas.

The conference also saw the official book launch of “Robot Law,” one of the first (if not the first) compilation on the emerging field. “It helps explain to people that this is actually a coherent subject of study … that it makes sense to talk about robot law,” said Michael Froomkin, the co-editor of “Robot Law” who also co-founded We Robot  and is a University of Miami law professor.

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