Canellas Selected as 2016 Campus Life Scholar

APR 27, 2016: CEC Ph.D. Candidate, Marc Canellas, was recently selected as one of six Campus Life Scholars by Georgia Tech Campus Services. The prestigious honor is awarded to students who “successfully demonstrate a purposeful and significant commitment to building campus community and enhancing student life through their role in a new or enhanced program, activity, or initiative.” As the President of Graduate Student Government, Marc spearheaded the development and execution of Georgia Tech’s first-ever graduate student experience survey achieving an unbelievable 45% completion rate from the over 9,000 graduate students.

To be awarded the Campus Life Scholarship, Marc had to create a YouTube video describing his initiative, have a GPA above 3.0, and receive two references from on-campus staff or faculty. One of those recommendations came from Kathi Wallace, the recently retired Director of Research and Analysis for Institute Communications. Based on her work with Marc during the development of the survey she stated:

I believe that Marc’s decision to focus on this undertaking reflects a strength of character through dedication to serving his fellow students and the Tech community as a whole.  His strong leadership ability has been quite evident as he has inspired others to join him in pursuit of this initiative, recruited the necessary sets of expertise, advocated for inclusiveness in the process, contributed in a hands-on manner as a member of the project team, and offered a multitude of smart ideas to position the initiative as a collaborative, professionally researched, and actionable advocacy effort.  He was a pleasure to work with and consistently set a positive, collegial tone for the project team that was instrumental to the initiative’s success.

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