CEC Summer Internship Series: Divya Srivastava

SEP 25, 2019 -- This past summer, 2nd-year CEC student Divya Srivastava worked in Washington DC at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. She was with Laboratory for Autonomous Systems Research (LASR) and worked on an human-computer interaction project. The HCI project sought to control a multi-agent system via gesture control using a wearable (smartwatch) interface. This research is key in providing dynamic and robust interaction methods to users of robotic agents. The summer capped off with a research presentation and conference publication in which Divya presented preliminary findings as well as future plans. More about NRL LASR and Divya’s time there as an intern can be found in an interview here: https://allhands.navy.mil/Stories/Display-Story/Article/1943956/blimp-swarm-research

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