CEC Summer Internship Series: Will Sealy

SEP 25, 2019 -- This past summer, 3rd-year CEC student Will Sealy worked in Richland, Washington with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He was with the Visual Analytics division and collaborated on two projects, related to both Human-Machine Teaming and Artificial Intelligence. The HMT project seeks to understand how we create common ground within human-machine teams and how this might be achieved by understanding and contributing to cognitive artifacts and machine autonomy. This research is key in understanding how to foster seamless performance in wicked problems involving humans and machine assistants. The second project is an exploration into explainable machine learning models and how we can explain the successes and failures of pre-trained models to the user in such a way that a holistic understanding of the model’s capabilities is created. These explanations are split into local and global styles, and the ongoing study seeks to understand which of these will be most effective at creating effective mental models of the machine’s decision process. The summer capped off with a research presentation where Will presented preliminary findings as well as future plans. He is continuing work with them remotely.

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