Dr. Karen Feigh Selected to Join the National Academy's 2019 Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

MAY 29, 2019 -- Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering professor Karen M. Feigh has been chosen to attend the prestigious Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, to be held Sept. 25-27 in Charleston, South Carolina. 

The invitation-only symposium is hosted each year by the National Academy of Engineering. Feigh is one of just 100 early-career engineers from industry, academia, and government who will attend this year's symposium, which will explore four different topics: Advanced Manufacturing in the Age of Digital Transformation, Engineering the Genome, Self-Driving Cars: Technology and Ethics, and Blockchain Technology.

"I’m most excited about the workshop on autonomous driving because it intersects with my research on human-autonomy teaming," said Feigh, who received her undergraduate and doctoral degrees at Georgia Tech.

"I think that self-driving cars hold an enormous amount of promise, and that aviation has many important lessons for the automotive industry about how to integrate humans with autonomy to achieve a very high level of safety."

The FOE gives rising stars within various fields of engineering a rare opportunity to make cross-disciplinary and cross-professional connections and to promote the transfer of new techniques and approaches that promise to build US innovative capacity. Additional AE faculty previously invited to the FOE include: Prof. Robert Braun, Prof. Mitchell Walker, Prof. Brian German, Prof. Marcus Holzinger, and Prof. Julian Rimoli.

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