Dr. Pritchett Featured in TechRepublic Article Discussing Autonomy in Aviation at AAAI-16

FEB 18, 2016:  Dr. Pritchett, Director of the Cognitive Engineering Center, participated in a panel of experts discussing safety considerations with respect to autonomy at the 2016 conference for the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-16). TechRepublic covered the panel and quoted Dr. Pritchett when discussing:

  • The need for human crews for their reliability:

Pritchett pointed out that in 20% of flights, pilots are still required to intervene in some way. "The reality is that a lot of systems rely on crews to execute commands," she said. "Humans capture more failures than they cause."

  • The struggle facing regulators when coming up with rules:

"People haven't figured out what drones mean yet," said Pritchett. "There's no single metaphor. Some people want to regulate them in the same way you'd regulate throwing a football with spikes on it. Is a local matter? A FAA matter? We don't even know about the jurisdiction."

  • The potential disconnect between the technologists and the public:

"We often have visionaries who come up with technology, people who try to keep up, and people who follow along," said Pritchett. "Right now, we're hearing from the innovators. To think that the rest of the world will say 'yes, it's economically feasible, it's desirable, it's meets all these other metrics,' is less certain."


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