Advanced Guidance and Cueing Algorithms for Rotorcraft Shipboard Landing Envelope Expansion

While landing maneuvers in vertical flight can be cognitively challenging, such maneuvers are more challenging in shipboard operations. Shipboard landing maneuvers for rotorcraft involve spatial confinement, deck movement, and air turbulence issues, which can be exacerbated by degraded visual conditions. The project is an interdisciplinary effort and it aims at developing advanced guidance and cueing to improve the efficacy of shipboard landing operations in the navy. The role of the Cognitive Engineering Center is to examine cognitive processes in shipboard landing; a cognitive task analysis involving interviews with shipboard-landing experts is in progress. Displays of advanced algorithms will be experimentally evaluated in a a high-fidelity simulator and participants with shipboard-landing experience. The project is funded by the Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence (VLRCOE) at Georgia Tech. 


Map of Cognitive Engineering Center

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