Collaborative Judgement

A shared mental model is defined as a mental construct that includes a shared understanding of the task that is to be performed, the involved teamwork, the environment, team goals, and the constraints that they must operate within. Humans work best when shared mental models are present. This research will focus on human-computer interaction (HCI) to see if humans can work with AI, proving that shared mental models humans and AI are beneficial. We expect the use of a shared mental model allows customization of the autonomous vehicle to meet the human driver’s preference, and to help build human driver’s situation awareness, trust, and acceptance in autonomy by allowing insight into the autonomy’s assessment of the situation. We expect it to make the interaction with autonomous vehicles simple, intuitive, and active, to support offline training leading to increase the reliability of autonomous vehicle by utilizing daily commuting data and human input and to improve safety by predicting off-nominal situation by using both sensor data and human input.

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